Purcellville Citizen Support Team

See also National Recognition for PCST

Purcellville Citizens Support Team Inc. (PCST)

"A Public Service to the Community"
In early February 2000, a group of local citizen volunteers under the guidance of the Purcellville Police formed the Purcellville Citizens Support Team Inc. (PCST). The purpose and mission of the Support Team is to aid and support the Purcellville Police in "the prevention of crime and the promotion of safety." The team members act as the "eyes and ears" of the Purcellville Police and must go through a recruit training program and then serve a probationary period of six months before being accepted into full membership. When on active duty with the Purcellville Police each member has a PPD unit designator and is under the direct supervision and command of police officials. In addition to routine street patrols members are subject to emergency call-up and participate in special events such as providing traffic control at civic events and at the scene of accidents, fires and other crowd management situations.