Town Council

  1. Mayor and Council Members

    The Town Council is the governing body of the Town of Purcellville. The Mayor is elected every two years, and Council Members serve 4-year, staggered terms. The Council's mission is "As stewards worthy of community trust, we work to discern, define and implement an agenda to nurture and preserve our quality of life. Through our policies and leadership, we foster an open, cooperative and model government that encourages full public participation and ensures the level of services our citizens expect and deserve."

  2. Agendas and Minutes

  3. Let Your Voice Be Heard

  4. Town Council Priorities

    View the Town Council's most recently adopted list of priorities and strategic initiatives.

  5. Code of Ethics

  6. State of the Town

  7. 2015 Citizen Survey

    This page provides a link to the 2015 Citizen Survey conducted by the Town Council.

  8. FY 2018 Budget

  9. Meeting Calendar

  10. Fact Sheets

    Information prepared by the Town on topics of interest to the community.

  11. Hot Topics and Important Issues

    This page will provide an overview of hot topics and important issues in the Town of Purcellville. This page might link to internal or external websites for additional information.